Star Eyed Bush Frog

Photo Credits: Gnaneswar Chandrasekharuni


Scientific Name Raorchestes signatus


Introduction– Mentioned as an endangered species, star eyed bush frog also known as cross-backed bush frog is found only in the Nilgiri hills of southern western Ghats. The population of the said frog is believed to be declining. The frog has been discovered in the recent years in the Nilgiri forests.


Threats The major threats to this type of frog is due to the deforestation in the Nilgiri hills for the purpose of agriculture.


Description– The frog is yet to be described. But from the images, it seems that it has star like structured eyes and the size of the same is somewhere around 15 cm. The frog is found in the various colors.


Status– Described as an endangered and endemic species of western Ghat and has been included in the red list of ICUN.