Spotted Deer

Photo Credits: Ankur Moitra

Scientific name: Axis axis

  1. Spotted dear is a deer found in Indian subcontinent. The moderate size of male chital or spotted deer is nearly around 90 cm and that of female is 70 cm. The upper part of their body is Rufus and covered by white spots. The abdomen, rump, throat, legs, ears and tail are all white. They are always seen in herds of 20-30.
  2. Distribution: The chital is found all over India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. But within Bangladesh, it currently only exists in Sundarbans as it became extinct in the central and north-east part of the country.
  3. Habitat: The natural habitat of the spotted deer includes, Indian parkland habitats, with open woodland in grassy areas. They like to live near rivers and other sources of water. They may be found in thick forest habitats in rare cases.Spotted deers are very sociable animals and they can be easily seen with other species of deers.
  4. Unknown facts: The fact, chital are prayed by virtually all predators, they have got a very prolific breeding cycle so they give birth to young one every 6th So in habitat, they can be seen with 2-3 young fawns all of different ages.
  5. IUCN status: The spotted deer is least concern