Photo Credits: Vishwatej Pawar


IntroductionRanging from Israel to Indian Subcontinent, it was a belief that Indian wolf is a sub-species of Grey wolf. However, recent studies have proved that, it is a different species than Grey wolf having a scientific name as ‘canis indica’


Habitat The species is adapted mainly to grasslands, scrublands and forest areas. In India, it is found in various states like, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


Description and breedingMany times, people confuse between wolf and a fox due to its reddish- brown color. Even black color species of wolves have also been recorded in the Solapur District of Maharashtra. The size of the wolf is somewhere similar to the size of the German Shepherd. The mating process of wolves generally takes place September. They build several dens in the area and keep moving from one den to other to protect their young ones.


StatusIt is supposed to be protected as an endangered species under Schedule I of Wildlife Protection Act. But it is still hunted due to his attacks on livestock. The greatest threat to the survival of wolf is poisoning and huge habitat loss.


Human InteractionVarious stories of wolves are being told in India, like it steals small children but it is not the case. Even many times, in the movies the sound of wolf is shown as a symbol of fear. Hence even though it is protected, the story of hunting remains the same.