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If would like to share your knowledge about nature with the world through our magazine.
You can send in your articles on the above given mail id.
These articles can be related to the following topics.
> Field visit
> Your personal experience about wildlife
> Any undisclosed nature spot
> Any work for the conservation of nature.
> Any rescue operation or any research paper submitted related to wildlife.
(Please Note: We prefer a certain genre of articles depending on the ongoing trends in conservation and wildlife, which is at your discretion)
You can also post your photos related to nature whether taken from DSLR, Point and shoot camera or by mobile in an ethical manner’.
We could pick 4 or 5 images (with due credit) from these to include them in our magazine’s ‘From Facebook’ page from time to time.
Also , Some of these images may be picked up by the team to be featured as an insertion with relevant subject article in our magazine.

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