Photo Credits: Aman Gujar

Scientific name: Xenochrophis piscator

Another name: Asiatic water snake

Description: The snake is usually found near any type of water bodies like lakes, river, pond, sewer line, logged water in agricultural lands, wells and can survive in moist

also. The eyes of this snake are small and its rostral scale is visible from above.This snake has keels scales hence the names if given as ‘keelback’, as it has a checkered pattern all over the body. The color of their body may vary from green to dark brown. It is the most common snake found in Indian water habitat.

Habitat and food: The snake if mostly found near water bodies and feeds on frogs, fishes and toads. Majorly these are fish feeders. But sometimes may feed on other snakes, rodents and rejected meat.

Behavior: Very alert and aggressive. It gives painful bite. When threatened it stretch its head in a fake hood manner.

Threats: Road kills and intentional killing by people because of wide color range. Due to its aggressive behavior, it may get confused with cobra. Habitat destruction due to urbanization.