Photo Credits: Suhas Ghule


Introduction– Specially known for their color changing habits to stay alive and slow march, chameleons are the clade of old world. According to the survey there are 200 different kinds of chameleons.


Description They vary in size from the smallest 15mm to the largest 68 cm approx. They have got long legs which helps them to hold the object tightly. These species can change colors rapidly; this is mainly done with the help of body cells. They an rotate their eyes in 360 degree.


Habitat–  They can be found in various types of habitats like forest, savannas or even sometimes in deserts. They habitat on trees or bushes or sometimes on the ground also.


Feeding– Like other lizards, chameleons also generally eat insects. But larger chameleons can take other lizards or even small birds also. The amount of the food intake is depends on the temperature.


Threats– Mainly climate change but many time these beautiful lizards are traded as a pet is a potential threat to these lizards