Burrowing Owl - Ralph Gay

 Photo Credits: Ralph Gay

Scientific Name: Athene cunicularia

Did You Know ?

The species have been given the name as they live in the burrows which is dug by other mammals such as ground squirrels and prairie dogs.

When younger gets an alarm call, they make a hissing call which resembles rattlesnake.


Male and female are almost similar in size. Male are little longer in length as compared to females. Adults have brown head and white spots on the wings. Their size is of 19-28 cm and weights almost 140-240 g.

Mating period: Early spring.


They eat small mammals, such as mice and moles. They also feed on insects such as grasshoppers. They also eat other birds, reptiles etc.


  1. Habitat destruction.
  2. Agricultural Development, use of pesticides.
  3. Climate changes