Bonellis Eagle

Photo Credits: Shantanu Ambulgekar


Introduction: The word ‘Bonelli‘ came from the name of Italian Naturalist Franco Andrea Bonelli (1784-1830) who established Piedmont’s first zoo. It is a graceful bird of prey, known as Hawking eagle to the German people.


Scientific Name: Aquila fasciata


Description: It is generally brown in color having white speckled breast. Males grow up to the size of 55-70 cm having larger wingspan of 170 cm just like other eagles. Their feet and eyes are yellow in color. The bird is known as a silent killer.


Feeding: It mainly feed on medium size birds as well as mammals, reptiles and rodents


Habitat: It loves to live on tall mountainous region or sometimes on tall and huge trees or sometimes you may find its nest on cliff edges. But mainly it is found below the altitude of 2000 meters.


Threats: The prominent threats to this bird are habitat destruction, illegal killing and electrocution. A survey showed that merely 50% of bonellis eagles in Europe countries died due to electrocution.