Photo Credits: Avishkar Munje

Scientific name: Leptobrachium Bompu

Quick Facts

  1. Bompu is a type of eastern spade foot toad which is found in north eastern India mainly in ‘Eagle-nest Wildlife Sanctuary’, Arunachal Pradesh, at an altitude of 2000 m. The name ‘Bompu’ is given after the locality where it was found, to increase the awareness regarding its conservation.
  2. The moderate size of the toad is 47 cm and has a rounded body. The important characteristic of its body is uniform grey-blue color of Iris.
  3. Ventral surface of its body is dark purple in color having small white spots. Its toes are short and thin.
  4. This toad is generally found under leaf litter. It has his habitat around perennial streams.
  5. The sound of the male is loud and sounds like ‘kek-kek’. These males could be found calling after the sunset.