Bar headed Goose

Photo Credits: Dhruv Phadke

Scientific name: Anser indicus

  1. The bar headed goose is a resident bird of central Asia and in winter it migrates to south Asia. The head of the bar headed goose is white with black stripes. The throat is also white while the hind neck of bar headed is blackish. Male and female of this species are very similar in their appearance, though male goose look a little larger in size.
  2. These species migrate to south Asia and make their home in cultivated fields, feeding on barley, rice and wheat, and may damage crop.
  3. The bar headed goose is one of the world highest flying bird, flying approx. at a height of 29000 feet. It was reported in 1988 as a near threatened species in ICUN list but their numbers have slowly increased and are no longer in the endangered list.
  4. The Bar headed goose are able to migrate 1000 km per day
  5. Many naturalists believe that, the yearly migration of bar headed goose is triggered by an environmental signal which allows them to miss the summer and monsoon.