Balloon frog

Photo Credits: Varun Vaze

Did you know?

During calling for mating the subgular vocal sac of the marbled balloon frog is distended so enormously it looks like a float.


Scientific Name: Uperodon systoma


Habitat:  These frogs have been observed in a number of habitats, such as dry forests, plains, gardens, and agricultural areas. Theese frogs are found inIndia, Pakistan, Nepal and Srilanka


Description: The balloon frog surfaces only during summer monsoons.

It moves by small hops or slowly walks on the ground.The balloon frog is a weak swimmer that usually floats in water; however, it is known to be an excellent burrower, quickly burrowing into the loose moist soil with the help of its well-developed and powerful metatarsal tubercles (the part of the foot that includes the bones between the ankles and toes)

During dry months the frog retreats into the moist environs of termite nests, termites’ being its main food item.


Current threats to this frog: General habitat alteration and loss.Habitat modification from deforestation, or logging related activities