Planet Untamed Magazine (P.U.MA)


To go Wild! from “Essence to Sense”.

Planet Untamed is an E-magazine which focuses on awareness about our environment and wildlife conservation, through the medium of education and popular social media. P.U.MA is a social initiative by like-minded individuals who are nature and wildlife lovers and young enthusiastic wildlife photographers.

The most frequent words we hear in recent times is Environment! Conservation! Wildlife!. Everyone talks about it, everyone reads about it but only a handful of us step forth to take an initiative in any form to turn words into reality.

Through the magazine, P.U.MA keeps its eyes and ears on various issues related to nature, its varied processes, its flora and fauna and macro creatures. Team P.U.MA aims to share with its readers.

1) Facts and findings relevant to wildlife preservation.
2) Individual views and personal experiences.
3) Conservation concepts and methods by experts in the field.
4) Easy, comprehensible manner.
5) Photographs related to wildlife observations.


Objective of Team P.U.MA

We believe in engaging the common man in our participation for bringing about environmental enlightenment. Team P.U.MA welcomes its readers and patrons to write to us and bring forward all human activities, efforts’ and developments directed to preserve wildlife.

We have made a modest beginning! Join us and let’s do this together…. let’s go Wild! From essence to sense!

We would request all the readers to encourage conservation of environment and wildlife. 

Be our Contributors…you can be Wildlife Conservationists…Wildlife Photographers…Wildlife Enthusiasts…You, our readers.

People feel responsibilities, We deal in the same.


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